The Time-Saving Reasons Why You Need a Pre-lit Artificial Christmas Tree

You’re busy enough during the holidays, whether you’re attending Christmas parties or dinners, last-minute Christmas shopping, baking, entertaining guests, and so much more. It’s the busiest time of the year for all of us. Even a few hours is everything when we are rushing around. So if you want to save yourself time and frustration, for years to come, an artificial Christmas tree is the way to go. Please take a deep breath and take a moment to yourself to review with us the top 10 reasons artificial Christmas trees make life a heck of a lot easier. 

  1. Easy to Assemble

It comes in a box, and goes back into a box. If you order online, they’re delivered right to your door. How much easier does it get than that? Sure beats gathering the family, fighting traffic and weather along the way, trying to choose the most aesthetically pleasing tree, standing in line, fussing with loading it onto/into the vehicle, unloading into the house, and trying to set it up from there. If just reading that was exhausting, save yourself and order your faux tree today. 

  • Keeps Well in Storage

If stored away correctly, artificial trees keep for many years. Many pack down very small and take up very little room. No worries about having to tow it to the recycling place every single year. 

  • No Fussing with Lights 

This is perhaps the biggest time saver of all if you opt for a pre-lit tree. Just plug it in, and illuminate your home with the most magical colors. We recommend LED lights for the best value.

  • No Constant Cleaning up of Needles

Need we say more?

  • Save Money 

The average price of a Christmas tree in many cities these days is about $81. That over 800 dollars spent in 10 years! When you opt for an artificial tree, you can save that money to buy more presents, or splurge on a winter-getaway after the holidays.  

  • No Transport Required 

That is if you order online. If you pick up an artificial tree in the store, it’ll be much lighter and far more compact to carry. Save your back!

  • Save Your Ornaments

Speaking of saving, an artificial tree will also save your ornaments. Because the branches won’t be drying out, your tree won’t drop and destroy your precious ornaments.

  • Goodbye Allergies

It is bad enough dealing with cold and flu season this time of year. You don’t need to deal with allergies from a real tree as well. 

  • No Worries About Watering it

Save yourself the hassle of checking and refilling the slimy water bucket when you opt for artificial. 

  1. Aesthetics are Everything

No more hours spent searching store-to-store or tree-to-tree for the “perfect one.” Artificial trees are manufactured to be perfect.   

Time-saving is everything in this busy world of ours! We hope you enjoyed our article about the time-saving reasons why you need a pre-lit artificial Christmas tree. Thanks for stopping by. For more great articles about the wonderful world of pre-lit artificial Christmas trees, please check out the rest of our products. 

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