Christmas Customs

Christmas Customs. Christmastide is the entire period of Christmas or also referred to as the twelve tides, it used to be longer if you include the period of the Epiphanytide, but now is restricted to just the twelve days of Christmas from Christmas Eve to the 5th of January.

The customs of Christmas while adhered to by most of Christianity and seems to have quite modern aspects and has also endured for millennia, still have a couple of older culture elements of the Yule, Winter Solstice and Saturnalia festivals as well as a few customs it garnered across the ages.

Some of Those Customs.

1. Christmas Greeting and Pageants

The popular American greeting “Merry Christmas” means “peaceful and blessed,” and as an adjective for heavenly serenity, not earthly mirth. Also in the middle ages, Christmas was the occasion of devout mystery plays, dramas held in the church after Mass teaching the gift and the concept of Christmas.

2. Gift Giving

It is a common tradition of Christmas to exchange gifts with friends and family to commemorate the gift of Jesus, symbolically displayed by the gifts of the three wise men to the infant baby Jesus and his mother Mary.

3. Plants their Colors and Christmas Customs

Holly: is a common adornment used in the ornamentation of nativity scenes in Christmas, it’s evergreen leaves depict eternal love and it’s red berries symbolize the drops of Blood shed by Jesus during His persecution.

Ivy: the Ivy was originally banned from Christmas celebrations because of its pagan associations. But Christians see the symbolism in its desperate clinging to a rock surface interpreted as an allegory for human dependence on divine strength, 

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