The Christmas Season Is Here

Christmas Season. Around the corner is perhaps the most sought after the season in the world; the Christmas season.  In all of the world, it is an unwritten agreement that during Christmas our show of love is intensified and our most humane and compassionate nature is drawn out. I’m sure that we would all agree that we cannot truly love without giving, so it is no surprise that giving is an undying Christmas tradition.

So year after year, we give to people as a show of our love to them. Although most of the people we extend this kind love to our family and friends, sometimes a few of us go out of our way in this season of love to give to total strangers.

Since we all agree that Christmas is a season of love. It would not be out of the scope of the season if, in the spirit of love, we find total strangers to comfort and show some love, affection, and compassion this Christmas. 

It is true that we derive joy when decorate our homes and our streets. These accessories and lights brighten the atmosphere and brings warmth to our homes. But beyond brightening our surrounding structures, we should look towards brightening the minds of fellow humans and filing their faces with smiles as we fill our streets with decoration.

If we regard the spirit of Christmas as a spirit that pushes us to give beyond the circle of our loved ones to people that we don’t even know, then we would not have made the wrong decision.

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