Rules of Christmas

As long as we keep striking our feet against the surface of the earth, we are bound by certain rules and regulations. That’s why, where they are no laws, anarchy is bound to set in. Now, even though most of us often like to think of Christmas as a joyous period filled with lots of merriment and decorations, at the expense of the rules that surround this special season, there is more to it than what meets the eye. In other words, if you want to enjoy Christmas to the fullest, there are some golden rules you must oblige to. 

The Rule of Love

No matter what happens, always show love during Christmas. Whether you come across a stranger, friend, family member, or even an enemy, the golden rule of Christmas demands that you show the person a great feeling of love, by either giving them food or gift items or wishing them a merry Christmas, rather than rebuke them. And speaking of resentment.

Rule of Reconciliation 

During Christmas, if you come in contact with someone that hurt you during the year, now is the time to make a platform for reconciliation rather than resentment. Holding grudges with one another isn’t accepted during the Christmas season because, for one, Jesus the birthday celebrant never for held grudges against anyone. And two, as a Christian, holding grudges is strongly frowned under by the biblical tenets. 

Rule of Togetherness

It is almost like a taboo for you to spend the Christmas holiday alone. Christmas demands that we all stick together, walk-in batches, and sit in groups. Remember, no man is an island, and Christmas itself doesn’t smile that much on such people. 

The Rule of Peace

Given that we are honoring the birthday of the Prince of Peace(Jesus), we must eschew any form of violence during this period. If you anticipate anything that may spark up a violent atmosphere, try your best to calm it down. This way, the angels of Christmas will bless you with lots of unique gifts throughout the Christmas season and next.

The Rule of Truth

While celebrating the birthday of Jesus, you must speak the truth at all times, at least for the sake of honoring the divine king. So, even when you’re in a tight situation of having to pick a lie over the truth, choose the latter anyway! 

In summary, if you want to enjoy your Christmas holiday without having any feeling of guilt, then all you need to do is follow these golden rules!

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