7 Foot Artificial Christmas Trees

Are you looking for an artificial Christmas tree for your home? There are several aspects to consider when deciding on which tree is going to work for your home. However, many people with homes are looking to purchase a 7 foot artificial Christmas tree. This is actually considered to be an average-sized tree for most homes that have 9-foot ceilings. It gives plenty of room to decorate the tree with whatever type of topper you decide since you do have some room to work with. 

How to Choose a 7 Foot Artificial Christmas Tree

Knowing the height of the tree that you are getting is just a part of the process of choosing the perfect artificial Christmas tree for your home. There are several other factors that you are going to want to consider. For example, do you want a full tree or one that is slim? A full tree is often considered that picture-perfect tree that you see drawn in books, whereas a slim tree is much smaller in width. While the slim tree may be rather new on the market, many people enjoy the way that this type of tree can sit into the corner with ease. 

Flocked or Pre-Lit?

Another consideration to make is what type of artificial tree do you want? These trees are designed to look real, thus there are those that are going to be a Fir type of tree or even those that are a Spruce. You need to decide which type of tree you like the looks of the best.

Are you interested in a pre-lit tree or do you want an unlit tree? A pre-lit tree is those that have the lights already on them. They do make it easier to decorate since half of the work is already done. However, there are those who love putting on lights and they opt for an unlit tree. 

Do you want a flocked tree or not? A flocked tree are those that appear to have snow on them. They do make for a lovely winter wonderland scene in your home. They are becoming more popular, but there are still those that love a non-flocked tree because they like the traditional look. 

Whatever type of 7 foot artificial Christmas tree you are looking for, King of Christmas has you covered. With trees that are pre-lit, unlit, flocked, full and slim, you have a wide variety of choices to choose from!

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