The Tradition of Christmas Cards

Christmas cards are something that was seen more than twenty years ago, but there are still some people who send these in the mail. Today, people tend to send e-cards or send anything at all. However, the tradition of Christmas cards may have you changing your mind and sending some yourself this year!

The History

Sending Christmas cards has a rich history. This was started in 1843 in the UK by Sir Henry Cole. Cole had started the first post office and wanted to showcase how regular people could use this service. So, with an artist friend, they designed and sold the first Christmas cards for people to use the post office in order to send these others. 

It was the late 1840’s, Christmas cards become more popular in the United States. However, they were still not sent by many as they were considered expensive. It was in 1875 that a famous printer started mass producing cards that the practice took off, since these were more affordable. In 1915, Hallmark came onto the market and made it even more affordable to send these Christmas cards. 

Why Send Cards?

Why should you send Christmas cards out? For those who are arguing that this is not the way to go they often point out the cost of postage, along with the fact that this is not a ‘green’ custom. However, one could argue that the feeling that these cards bring people is worth the costs. During the time in which sending cards were popular, it was meant to show that you cared enough to sit down, write a note in a beautifully made card and pay the postage to have this sent. Today, not many people are doing this, which makes the receiving of Christmas cards so much more special!

Choosing a Card

For those who are going to jump back into this tradition, you are going to find that there are several types out there to choose from. There are those traditional cards, those that are funny and those that may be more kid-friendly. A person could also make their own, which is often shows that you care even more to take the time to make one of these cards. 

Christmas cards have a super-rich tradition. Will you be participating in this tradition this year? It may be a tradition that we should bring back as it shows how much you care for a person…and who couldn’t use that pick up from time to time?!

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