Stocking Stuffers: 10 Ideas for Teens

When parents are dealing with teens, they are dealing with a strange age. They may not want toys anymore, they are more likely to want video games and clothes. However, what do you put into the stockings? Many of these teens are past the age of loving kid like they did when they were younger. We have a list of 10 ideas that can be perfect for teens to put into their stockings so that they truly enjoy what they find!

  1. Socks or slippers that can slide into the stocking are something that they can use. Be sure to get them something that is going to be their style.
  2. You can still put some candy, but limit this to their favorite candy bar that they love. Instead of filling it with tons of candy.
  3. Perfume or cologne is always a winner with teens, be sure to get the smell that they like. 
  4. For teen girls, some lipstick is a great way to fill up their stocking. Or even Chapstick for those who not letting their girls wear makeup yet.
  5. Boys will enjoy a Swiss army knife or something along these lines in their stocking.
  6. For the art lover, consider putting a set of new drawing pencils into their stocking. It is small but also something that they are going to use.
  7. Body wash from a specialty store can be put into both boys and girls stocking when they are teens. While girls may enjoy this more, you know your boy is going to get some use of this.
  8. Keychains can also be placed into these stockings. Since teens are at the age that they may be letting themselves into the home or even close to driving, a keychain can be a great rite of passage, so to speak.
  9. Brain puzzles that are small and compact can be a great gift for a teen. While they may not show it, they will enjoy trying to figure out how to solve this. 
  10. Gift cards for the PlayStation Network, for their favorite coffee shop or even for iTunes can be a great hit as it allows them to get what they want. 

When kids get to that teenage age, it may seem as though there is nothing that you can put into their stocking. However, you aren’t quite ready to stop this tradition yet. These ideas are sure to be ones that your teens will get value from.

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