Creative ways to use Christmas light around the house

You can ensure your guests receive the warmest of welcomes this Christmas season by using Christmas lights to create a beautiful atmosphere. When it comes to purchasing Christmas lights, there are lots of options out there; from LED in both eye-catching flicker and static settings to the traditional fairy lights. Below are some creative ideas on what to do with your Christmas lights for the season.

Light up your mantel

You can make a statement with your Christmas lights to spell out a festive message with large letters. This trick will look perfect on a mantelpiece, which will look right in place if placed on a mantelpiece. With the Christmas lights, your message is sure to be seen brightly and clearly.

Create a striking winter scene

Christmas light can be used to create a perfect winter wonderland that will look right home with other Christmas decorations. It can be placed in any corner of the sitting room. You can even go further by creating a miniature town with miniature Christmas trees to create a snowy scene and a few white fairy lights to finish up the look.  

Work with a winter palette

You can create a beautiful display by putting together a set of fairy lights into a pretty glass cloche. Also, you can use a lush and stair garland to give a warm welcome and cover the space with a beautiful woody scent. This design would give your home a unique yet intriguing look

Break the rules

You can subvert the usual Christmas schemes and give the Christmas decoration an alternative edge with a rogue attitude. In addition to this style, you can welcome your guests with treats and sweets presented attractively. You can channel an edgier look with an oversized currency, mannequins, bondage tartan, and neon lights.

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